Basset Hound Walkers Ashmore Woods


To see an eight minute video please click here (YouTube)

Despite choosing to walk in August we still attracted some 20 hounds plus a varied assortment of terriers on a gorgeous day through some ancient mixed woodlands south of Shaftesbury.

Before leaving the delightful picture postcard village of Ashmore two people approached us. "Where are you going to walk because I've just let my peacocks out in the woods?"

And another cheerful chap appeared "It's lovely to see so many Bassets together but I'm the local gamekeeper and there are lots of deer and pheasant and hares in the woods. They will be under control won't they?" Chase deer? Hares? Whatever next.

Fortunately Hamilton was with us (watch the video) with a voice loud enough to frighten off any stock within a mile. So that was alright, though I must confess it would have been quite a sight for the pack to chase a peacock . . . .

Not having the driest summer some parts were a trifle damp, but the pack and group boldly soldiered on. Elvis ("the swimmer not the singer") crowned it all by soaking off in the duck pond at the end to bring a most enjoyable day to a close.


The last half-mile were taken at a gallop
(both these photos by Guy)


Elvis in Ashmore pond

Elvis "the swimmer not the singer"













Miss Moppet

Nothing to do with our walk, but couldn't resist plopping it in: Miss Moppet and our G-daughter: for those who ask if Basset Hounds are good with children.

Basset lunch

(below) Rachel feeding the hounds

Rachel feeding hounds


Photo of Mark by his mother who then (Mark not his mother) took the pics below and left)


The impressive Hamilton: watch (or rather listen) to the video.


Gary (behind) not in front.

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