Barbary Castle Basset Hounds walk


Photos of our hilarious walk. For the 8 minute video just click here (will take you to YouTube)

33 Basset Hounds

Guy and Sarah led this walk on the Marlborough Downs in glorious weather. It was a chance to attract new faces from the wilds of N Wilts, Gloucestershire and Londoners who just nipped down the M4. 33 hounds in all started and most managed the five mile walk, with ease, though judging from the exuberant tearing around, they ran a good deal more.

Whether it was Spring or the presence of some hounds all the way from S Africa or not, there was an awful lot of humping going on, not all with the appropriate gender (I hesitate to use the other word: this is a family site). The males must have thought they'd gone to heaven.

But the highlight was the unexpected intrusion of a labrador who was suddenly chased by what seemed like the whole Pack to the delight of all, even the Lab's owners, which was a blessing. What would have happened if a real hare had appeared, I don't know: probably we'd all have been up before the magistrates.

It was such a good venue we are hoping that Guy and Sarah will run this again, perhaps some alternate months with our main programme to cater for our Northern members? Keep watching the website.


Bassets lunch

Lunch stop.

Bassets drink


Always time to compare (photo Paul Hicks)





Bassets at Barbary






Soon after the start (both photos above and below left by Guy)

Bassets in line

"Follow me" (photo by Andrew & Rachel)

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