Woodbury, Exmouth photos


Photos of our walk: And you can see a seven minute VIDEO by clicking here.

Another great day blessed with good weather after the snow. Ably led by Mike & Jackie Chapman who live down the road, 28 Bassets from all over the West Country (Cotswolds and Frome, Sherborne and Newton Abbot to name but a few) accumulated a mixed bag of other breeds, not forgetting Alfred The Great, the smallest but liveliest terrier amongst The Pack.

Note the prominent Dr Watson before he got stuck up to his . . . hocks in red mud (see below).

The five mile stroll passed very pleasantly with frequent stops to let The Pack play and sniff. Two hounds were missed after a mile but we were told by two following horseman that they were seen back-tracking to the car-park. The errant pair were retrieved and proved to be inseperable (Stanley and Elvis his boyfriend) for the rest of the day. When I expressed mild disapproval to Stanley's owner I was told not to be so old-fashioned. Civil partnerships are all the rage these days (not in Somerset they're not).

Stat at Woodbury








Lining up at the start (photo by Guy)

Woodbury start









Woodbury walk

Stuart leading us up a slope












Sarah enjoying a paddle


Dr Watson
Here is Dr Watson after the mud-wallow
(glad I didn't have to clean him up)

Now shall I pick this up or not?


Yes a Basset (Petit Griffon) called Parsley.

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