Basset Hound Walkers Ham Hill photos

Ham Hill start

Photos of our walk here, or see the 7 minute video (on YouTube)

While most of the south of England was battling with storms and floods, mid-Somerset enjoyed a break of lovely sunshine. Some 22 Bassets plus a varied assortment of terriers, collies and Labradoodles (work it out) AND a marriage of basset and beagle (bagle?) somehow tagged along for this undulating five miler.

Newcomer hound Norman enlivened the proceedings with his penetrating voice which – in the right conditions – could be heard over most of the West Country.

The first excitement was to meet an inquisitive herd of cattle, who quite possibly had not encountered a pack of Bassets before. The ensuing stampede did credit to the best B-movie. It was also noticeable which owners were country folk, and which were, let me say, more used to parks? All part of our education.

The optional hill up to St Michael's Tower was taken by most, with an unexpected variation on the way down (unexpected by the leader that is), but the party managed to regroup to proceed to the outskirts of lovely Montacute.Lunch stop

Envious eyes were cast at The Priory, till someone worked out that the rates would cripple most of us.

A gentle meander brought The Pack to the lost village of Witcomb and an unexpected encounter with a gypsy + caravan + horse. None dared to ask why he was drinking mead (so he said) from what looked like a silver cup . . .

The final walk brought us back to The Prince of Wales where drink was taken and enjoyed.

The Sims family

The Foot family from Salisbury


Montacute breather (above). All the photos below are from Mark.

Ham Hill

From St Michael's Tower


This is what happens when a Beagle gets too friendly with a Basset


Stuart with best friend (above).

Two photos below and right from Ronald Ross:Ham Hill Bassets


Bassets Ham Hill start

At the start (photo by Guy above and below)

Basset walk

Red and whites

Those lovely Red & Whites

Above Montacute


That was thirsty work(above). All the photos below are from Mark.




My Matilda: the most appealing eyes of any hound I've seen

Journey's End

Whew, glad that's over


Ham Hill Bassets

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