Basset Hound Walkers Harcombe


See the nine minute video here. (Sorry to mention it but hope you are all clicking on the 3rd button frm the right below the image on YouTube: it brings the picture up larger with no loss of quality)

Glorious Devon again proved a misnomer as we had cold mist and precious few views. Still twenty or so Basset Hounds enjoyed it, plus a varied assortment of terriers and those funny B . . . dogs that want to be Bassets but got lost along the way.

Gay & Mary led us expertly through six or so miles in the dark woods with precious little mud, thank goodness. Despite the threat or promise of sighting deer, none appeared. Some romances were struck, notably between Stanley and new girl Lola. And Harry put himself about a bit. Actually more than a bit. It was good to see Sue's Dr Watson back in something like his old self again. There were one or two panics when a couple of hounds disappeared, notably Millie, but all survived to roam another day.

All the photos here emanate from Katy Gooding. (Thanks Katy).

Rear ends

Sorry, but this is what Bassets do.


A lovely Griffon Basset


Let's go.








Misty meanderings

Wash and brush up

Wash & brush up
(My Moppet and Matilda)



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