Note the wee 14 week old puppy on the right. New member? (Don't worry she did not come on the walk)

We had a grand walk through Horner Woods south of Porlock. Sixteen hounds from Devon, Somerset, Cirencester and even Highbury (not alas with Monsieur Wenger) enjoyed the fine views and quiet woods that this part of the West Country offers.

The rain held off while we ambled gently beside the river for an hour till we stopped for a bite by a footbridge before tackling Granny's Ride. A walker appeared having just been bitten by many wasps was a warning, but undeterred the pack forged on. Walk leader Dave Patten's deception that "it must be easy if your granny can do it" was soon exposed as the gradient steepened into the woods above, but encouraged by the cry "No gain without pain" we all climbed to the top with not too many complaints.

Leads were put on as we then walked through several fields of sheep, admiring the views over the Bristol Channel to Steep Holm and even Wales. The remains of a dead sheep were happily rolled in by one hound but by and large the pack behaved themselves commendably.

The path then descended steeply down to a welcome ford where most but not all hounds enjoyed splashing through the waters. After a modest ascent back to the ridge, we then rambled down through the woods to complete the walk with a welcome cream tea (some had double scones) to the amazement of fellow eaters (looking at the hounds, not the scones).

A thoroughly enjoyable day-out with excellent company, four footed and two.

"C'mon you lot, let's get on with the walk."

Lunch stop with Jackie, Tamara and Christian (from London)

Sarah shows how to be the most popular walker

"OK, so what do I do now?"

"I can't sit here all day: well maybe I can"

"When I say drink, you drink"

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