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Ladram Bay

On the cliffs with Ladram Bay  and Sidmouth behind us. Why go abroad?

Our thanks to Mike & Jackie Chapman for organising such a brilliant walk. Another excellent turnout with 18 hounds and interloper beagle and terrier who didn't seem too put out.

If we ignore Sue's Dr Watson's find of a dead bird way out in the grass, the pack behaved impeccably. A credit to the breed in fact.

We were honoured by a professional photographer from the Sidmouth Herald, (for their report and photo, please click here), no less to see us off. Maybe the most exciting thing to have happened in Otterton this year? (Which always makes us wonder, would it be news if say 18 poodles went for a walk? What an elitist/derogatory/snide thought).

Pressing swiftly on Mike led us gently up a hill out of the village, the only slight delay while one of the hounds chose to relieve itself in the middle of the road while a patiently following car stopped, waited, looked the other way . . .

Then we were led by the placid Otter, some of the pack showing off their paddling skills. Oncoming walkers with strange shaped dogs showed remarkable placidity when squeezing past, expressing only the usual remarks "Don't see many of those these days. Ah, I see, more coming".

The sea came into view, blue and inviting, with graceful yachts scudding along. The hounds were kept on leads as we ambled by the cliffs and when we ate lunch with Sidmouth distant.

Yours truly was feeling the worse for wear here, suffering from 'flu, so the rest of the walk is a little hazy. But my thanks to all who helped me over the last mountain range and back to the pub.

More pictures welcomed, and see you on August 3rd on Exmoor.

Basset jam












Basset jam.
("Those at the back cried Forward!
while those at the front cried Back!") 
(Photo from Mark)

The pack

"C'mon you lot" (photo from Guy)

Galloping hounds

"Something exciting happening up front" (photo from Guy)

Lunch stop (photo from Keith)









"What do you want backstroke?"
(photo from Guy)

Now the hound facing us is 7 months old and is a puppy of the Basset that occasionally appears in East Enders, but as I never watch it, I don't know its name, even though I am an East Ender. Are you still with me?


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