Basset Hound Walkers Alfred's Tower


Watch the 10 minute video here

The weather was much kinder for this walk than last year as we hardly had a spatter of rain. But we understand a few miles away it was torrential. Well the sun shines on the righteous. Fourteen hounds meandered around Stourton Estates with no escapees, one mild chase but did fight off an interloping foreign terrier with designs on one of our pack. Quite right too (see the video).

Lunch was partaken at the usual excellent if slightly pricey NT pub at Stourton village which attracted the usual admiring questions from fellow diners: always nice to be the centre of attention. The one modest slope was surmounted with no protest and we got back to our motors about 2.30pm as I remember.

All the photos are from Guy.

In the pond

Let's all go in the pond: and the result (below) for Alice.









Guy's three

"Mark just opened the fudge box" (Guy's three)

At the start

At the start


Jessica looking mournful

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