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22 hounds loved this 95th walk - one of the most enjoyable we've had. Yes the weather helped, the scenery was great, The Pack behaved itself, the beer was fine. We've people come from Leeds and London - even Stuttgart - but today from Montreal - yes the Old Colony across the pond.

I always claim we've never lost a hound, well today we nearly did. Arriving at the Spread Eagle for lunch two of our party - Two Ladies from Hampshire who had better remain anon, though they did come from Odiham please make a note, were so busy chatting that they were surprised their hounds were not with us. So they retraced their steps, we tucked into Best Butcombe - and after an hour instead of completing our circular route past Stourhead House we retraced to fortunately meet up with the lost souls again. (We added all our drinks to their tab for them to settle up). I got my own back by inserting a hill that otherwise we would have passed by.

It was also novel to welcome Jade from Montreal via Oxford-Brookes Uni who could not bear to be parted from her hound Ruby so brought her with her. We can all understand that. She claimed to be bi-lingual - Ruby not Jade - but my command to "asseyez-vous" brought no response, so perhaps French-Somerset is not quite the same accent as French-Canadian.





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