Baset Hound Walkers, Alfred's Tower


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This says it all, every damn drop. Brave photos from Jo Maunder - of hubby Phil.



For nearly three years we have enjoyed dry walks, but any bookie will tell you that the odds were shortening. And it came to pass. Those who listened and trusted the BBC weather forecast started with macs, caps and brollies. Those who maybe left their sets tuned to Radio Benidorm arrived in T-Shirts and suncream.

But as football commentators are prone to say, "it was a game of two halves." 24 hounds started with some from the Rhondda and further afield, and till lunch at the Spread Eagle, we all enjoyed fine warm sunny weather. Leaving the pub, the heavens opened. With stair rods. The downpour petered out so we walked on. But then the storm really hit with thunder and lightning, and torrential rain. By the time we finished, those with summer clothing looked like they'd been through a car-wash - without a car - and could have won any wet t-shirt contest.

Those with furthest to go were thinking of buying dry clothing at Lidls, if they got past the security guard. Ah well, the hounds enjoyed it. Maybe.

Spread Eagle

Lunch, before the deluge. Lovely Red and Whites. (Jo Maunder)

Feeding time


Top two photos by Guy.


Feeding time

Matilda and Herby

My Matilda and Herby her litter brother meet for the first time in nearly 7 years, but no filial recognition . . . .


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