Alfreds Tower walk photos


To see the nine minute video please click here (YouTube)

A week of the lowest temperatures to hit the UK for some while kept most of the stalwarts abed but we still managed 14 who braved the fog and ice to be greeted by glorious sunny weather. It was a really memorably jolly day with lovely colours amid the patches of snow. No mishaps if we ignore the photographer taking a purler on the ice. No hounds went a hunting, none went astray. A couple even appeared from distant Shropshire, via an overnight in Somerset, just to come out with The Pack.


Who said Bassets aren't intelligent? You may remember Mark's picture from the air last month of Alfred's Tower in the snow. I did know that Mabel and Georgie were given a ride, but didn't know they were also accomplished pilots, or maybe navigators, or possibly photographers. Well here's the proof.
(Photo and two below from Mark: and bottom right)


Frozen lake. This could have been interesting:
glad it wasn't one of my hounds

Stourhead House

Just like home (well Stourhead to be more accurate. Built by a banker, of course)

Vera feeding hounds

Vera providing breakfast

Two hounds

Who could resist this lovely couple?

Snow at Alfreds Tower

The cameraman

Sneaky picture of the cameraman,
taken by Heather

Pub stopPub stop at Stourhead (photo of this and below from Phillipa, who journeyed from Shropshire no less to be with us today)


Pilot Mabel, after the walk.
(Oh dear, it's all go.)


The sun obelisk above Stourhead, so that "the sun would never set on Stourhead".

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