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Despite the forecast of heavy rain 17 Bassets plus a hare - otherwise known as Cupar a Bearded Collie - turned up and enjoyed a 5 + miles stroll round the Stourton Estates from the now familiar Alfred's Tower.

It was also a surprise to welcome a keen couple all the way from Southend on Sea, a resort I knew well when a trifling lad (not long ago then).

We enjoyed many chases, largely instigated by Cupar, plus a first for us a greyhound that none of our pack got near to sniffing. It was most obliging of the owner to slip the lead for us, but then I think he had a shrewd guess that our lazy lot would never lick his heels.

Lunch was partaken at the Spread Eagle, surprisingly quiet as we normally are the centre of attraction. Some had beef + three veg AND a bottle of Sauvignon - none of which passed my thirsty lips. Oh the ingratitude.

Though it was a trifle chilly the heavy rain did largely hold off till we were safely back in our cars.

Another great day out.

Feeding time

The sausages just about went round (Debbie's the supplier)


Sue not keen to leave in two minutes


And Stanley, first time out with us, a fine
13 month youngster who howled for the first time -
whether for chips or "love of Maisie" is unknown.








Start of our walk

A liitle bit of mud


Jules about to offer a swig of his whisky - sadly the only malt I dislike (Laphroaig)

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