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Ashmore start

Our 77th outing proved to be a lovely gentle stroll around the modest hills and woods south of Shaftesbury starting (above) from the pretty village of Ashmore. Some 15 hounds started - one had to retire - but with such a lovely pack there were no incidents to report. The odd chase, no fights of course, one horse's douvres roll - which regrettably escaped my camera - and a most pleasant pint of Ringwood ale in the posh King John pub at Tollard Royal at lunch time.

We ate our lunch around the pond then meandered peaceably back along a ridge drove to Ashmore, full of bonhomie and goodwill to our fellow men (and women).



Above: drink time in the woods. (I still long for a pheasant or rabbit to appear on one of our walks - just for academic interest you understand, but it has not happened yet, sadly.)

Drink stop

Drink stop

You'll have to add your own names to the hounds below, though some of those below definitely belong to Sam from Newport (Welsh not IOW).


King John

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