Basset Hound Walkers


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A disappointing nine hounds turned up for this gentle yet still enjoyable stroll at Parke (NT) near Bovey Tracey. We know there are many hounds around mid and south Devon so we are puzzled as to why so few stirred themselves from their slumbers. Two came from Bodmin - notably heavyweight Merlin - who decided after four miles he'd had enough - but fortunately roused himself to finish the walk without the pain of carrying him. Relief all round.

Leader Gay also gave us a show with her Phoebe swimming and retrieving without water wings that impressed and perplexed us all. Needless to say the rest of the pack declined to compete.

The weather was fine, not too hot, with plenty of streams to slake our thirst. Five and a half miles said Gay by the time we finished at the Parke café where some of us polished off a welcome ice cream cornet.






River Bovey

Ear washing


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