Basset Walkers Burnham

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The Good Lord of Weather smiled benignly on us today after weeks of rain and mud. So 24 hounds plus a half a dozen other terriers came along for the chase along Burnham and Berrow beach. The weather forecast warned us of abnormally high tides but this was fortunately two hours before we set off from Apex Leisure Park and by the time we had walked along the river Brue to meet the sea it had gone out sufficient for us to meander along the beach in safety.

The silent giant otherwise known as Oliver (Brian & Tracey's massive hound) towered over everyone else - especially my 4 month old Melody who mingled at the start. The lake by the start was full of R/C yachts controlled by men of a certain age (of course). Well it keeps them out of the pub.

The sun turned warmer and the views extended across to Hinkley Point, Exmoor and Margam steel works across in Wales. A lovely day in February.

We stopped for an eat at the old wooden Low Lighthouse - still operating - and visible from 12 nautical miles. Returning along the prom, most of us couldn't resist stopping at the Dogs Welcome Chip Shop. My Matilda ate a few, sicked them up, to be swallowed again by one of Guy's girls. Call it recycling.

But all in all a most enjoyable day after so much plodding through the mud of the Somerset Levels, of which you all have heard far too much.


Oliver & Tracey

Tracey with her magnificent Oliver

Chip shop

Chip-shop stop





Sam Morgan

Sam Morgan making friends with Melody my 4 month old baby


42kgs Oliver

Sea wall

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