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A record breaking unbelievable 65 hounds turned up for our Big Basset Burnham Bash. 59 left the car park start at Apex Park and we were joined by six more at the pier. They came from Hereford, Hants, Wilts, deepest Devon and a strong contingent from Wales. It was glorious, just wonderful. Most of us did the whole walk along the sands to the wooden lighthouse and retraced to the amazement and amusement of any Burnham strollers on what turned out to be quite a warm day with little wind.

At the pier we were photographed by a press man from Burnham (see his pictures here, though he couldn't get us all in.)

There were of course innumerable chases and what seemed like non-stop barking from a tri hound who had better remain anon. The only mishap was Helena who disbelieved the notices and plunged up to her calves in some juicy mud - to be rescued by father Andrew - with similar results.

The chip shop was kept busy both there and on return spreading the load a little. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day.

(All the photos here from Emmy Lou aka Miss Cakehead: no please don't ask.)






Burnham start



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