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Camelot Castle

Multitudes, multitudes . . . (photo by Guy above, by Jo below)

View from Parrock Hill

One of our best ever walks. Thirty two hounds from Plymouth to Hants enjoyed a smidgeon less than six miles in sumptuous weather, glorious rolling scenery, delicious pies and intoxicating Real Ales. And had to negotiate a stampede of semi-wild horses - well that's what it seemed to me. We all met at South Cadbury and wandered up a modest track perhaps trod by Arthur and Guinevere to spread out across the green acres of Camelot to wonder at distant views of Glastonbury Tor and much of Somerset. Some of The Brave even exposed their knees to the hot Somerset sun. Descending off the ramparts led us to the pretty hamlet of Sutton Montis then via some excitable sheep to be confronted with a posse of horseflesh and then up modestly steeply to skirt Parrock Hill and view Corton Denham nestling below the green hills.

The Queen's Arms welcomed us with pies and ale, salads and quiches. All the hounds behaved impeccably, of course, to the delight of other customers. Scorning the steep climb up the pack wended its way along the foothills back to our motors, via fenced in new lambs, and lush meadows. A day to treasure indeed.


Chatting at the start

Waiting at stile

Descending from Camelot

Last hill

Above and below: the last hill - honest.


Below from Guy:




The really last hill







Camelot gateway

First gate into Camelot

Camelot top

Above and below, inside the castle


Queens Arms

The delightful Queen's Arms at Corton Denham. (All the above photos and to left by Jo Maunder). Below from Guy)

At the start

Descending hill

And baby came too


Glorious views all day.

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