Basset Hound Walkers Camelot


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Having delayed the walk a week it was with no little relief that the day turned out to be beautifully warm and sunny, with 24 hounds - some from Strensham (95 miles away) and Bracknell. Unusually the pack was all hounds, not a terrier or dog of unknown parentage amongst them. It was good to see Mike Chapman again after a year away - and we hope the lovely Mrs C soon.

The huge free box of samples from Fish4Dogs was much appreciated - some held back for those not able to attend.

Maybe that was also why there were no chases at all - but in spite of that - it was a most pleasant outing with lambs, blossom and flowers everywhere.

The lunch stop at The Queens Arms at Corton Denham didn't disappoint, though I watched with some anxiety the pile of hand raised pork pies and Scotch eggs diminishing the nearer I got to the bar. (Some had two which might be thought a little excessive). A pint of my favourite Moor Ale - made in Somerset of course - was equally satisfying.

After a pleasant hour or so on the grass we wended back to descend a modestly steep incline to arrive back at our motors safe and invigorated.

Lunch stop





Camelot walk

At the start


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