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Bassets at start



The weather spoilt us again for this glorious walk from South Cadbury, up to Cadbury Castle - aka Camelot - skirting Parrock Hill to Corton Denham and the ever popular Queen's Arms.

Just 15 Bassets, perhaps because it was Easter Sunday, but a lovely crowd and friendly hounds from as far away as Strensham (95 miles), Newport, Winchester and even Chudleigh. And we mustn't forget 9 month old Prudence from Bristol, gallantly carried by Mat with an attractive bitch called Claude - "well I wanted a boy because there are four girls in the family." Does that make sense?

There were plenty of chases and frolics and the usual oohs and gasps from ramblers we met on the way, including a Polaroid snapper - thought they'd gone years ago.

Pork pies and chutney were devoured by most at the pub, and Mark shared some excellent fudge home cooked of course. (We tolerated girlfriend's Linda's Doberman - as long as they kept out of shot for the video which runs for 11mins 30.) It was also nice to see Robert and Rosemary + Blackberry for lunch. When nearly back at the car we had to cross a bridge and quite unaccountably my Matilda plunged from a great height into the muddy stream. Though I was filming at the time, luckily for the Lewis' family my lens was obscured so we will never know if she jumped - or was pushed. I leave it to you to judge.


Guy holding forth

The photos below from Andrew Lewis>



Sam and John's Nelson? (Someone will tell me if it isn't)


Melody, now 18 months

Unknown The Lewis



Maude & Jessica

Maude followed by Jessica


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