Basset Hound Walkers Camelot


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Camelot chase

Pic above from Marcin, and more here.

On a better day than forecast twelve Bassets did the easy five miles from South Cadbury village, up and over the hillfort dubbed Camelot - shades of old Arthur - and on through Sutton Montis. One gate had to lifted off its hinges to enable the huge but lovely Mr Barkis (Berkiss?) to get through. The Queen's Arms at Corton Denham lived up to expectations with the bar filled with Bassets - and our bellies with pork pies and excellent Bath ales.

From there we perambulated safely and joyfully back to our motors. A very enjoyable amble.

If your horse is kicked by a hound

But a PS. While recce'ing this walk two weeks before walking through Sutton Montis, a horse kicked my Matilda, fortunately just in the stomach. I say fortunately because if the horse had hit a bone or her head as she is over 12 yrs old that would have been her end. As I bent to help her she sank her teeth into my wrist, the first time she'd ever hurt anyone. Well amazingly she seemed able to finish the walk but obviously traumatised the vet put her on pain-killers and antibiotics. Now while the farmer's wife rushed out with a bucket of warm water and antiseptic for me, her husband has proved to be decidely unhelpful. Though we were on a public footpath and both my hounds were on a lead, he refused to pay the vet's bill of just £107. Knowing nothing about horses I put a notice on the Horse and Hound Forum website here. It does provide an interesting insight into the mind of many horse-owners - and lack of knowledge of the law.

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