Basetv Hound Walkers Cerne


Watch the video here (8½ minutes)

A surprisingly small number of our group - just nine hounds - nevertheless enjoyed a lovely walk from Cerne Abbas on what turned out to be almost the last day of summer. We were joined by a 15 week old puppy, Bentley, at the start which brought back memories to us all.

Photos: all those below on the left from Andy, those on the right by Guy.

DP. Mark,Mandy

Your cameraman, Mark looking worried and Mandy


Bentley from Blandford at 15 weeks "See you when I'm older"

Up Cerne Manor

Three wishful onlookers. Cerne Manor: reputedly owned by the Austrian ambassador.


Suzette at Up Cerne: crayfish have been seen here.

Lead sorting

Sorting out the leads with Guy


"Oh to be in England . . . ." Looking across the Cerne valley

Giants hill

The chaps went one way, the girls the other (coming down Giant's Hill)


Guy with his loyal three.





Old bean field

Last year this was a chest high bean field.

Three hounds

Three hounds went a-drinking


Cerne river


Elevenses: Maude at front.

Humphrey & George

Mandy's Humphrey and George at back


Guy's Maude

Alice & Jessica

Guy's Alice & Jessica

Matilda & Moppett

"Hurry with that cream tea." (My Matilda & Moppet)


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