Baset Hound Walkers Cherhill


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Top of Cherhill (photo Guy)

On a cold and windy day a dozen hounds enjoyed a five mile ramble ably led by Guy (don't worry, the beard is coming off now England have lost their way in the Rugby World Cup). Though nearly uneventful we did learn that Basset Hounds can act as pseudo retrievers - well done Maude - and that on occasions, wives should be kept on leads. Must remember that one.

The walk was notable for two womanising hounds - I use the term advisedly for they seemed to have got their genders mixed up - a bit worrying for their owners I'd have thought. Still they worked off a bit of energy and no doubt had pleasant dreams on the way back.

See you at Dartmoor next month (leaders Gay and Mary).



Game on (photo Guy and two below)

On the gallops

Matilda off again . . .

Guy's three

Guy's three lovely hounds






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