Basset Hound Walkers


Regret no full length video for this one: Senior video cameraman away - but
there are some shorter clips here from my new Junior Assistant,
aka Malcolm Pelmear (also available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs).


All photos from Malcolm (Yes the Grey mishape/mishap? in front is a (part) Basset called Audrey. Well I never.

Joint walk leader Gay reports that: "We had a really good walk, cold wind though and a few scats of rain which didn't result in anything.  I think the total hounds (plus a few 'honorary' hounds for the day) was about 23 or so. Started out along by the river and gradually climbing up towards the cafe, which fortunately was quite quiet and we were able to commandeer enough tables for us to have our lunch.  

Teas and sandwiches were ordered by some and 40 mins later we were on our way back down the craggy path. Everyone got a bit of a wiggle on as Leicester v Manchester City were kicking off at 2pm!! (Wish I'd had a £1 bet on some time ago the same as the person who with a £2 bet has just won £10K)

No-one got lost or strayed, Phoebe took her usual dip in the river and apart from a bit of 'humping' going on nothing untoward happened! (Presume she means the hounds. Surely not . . . .)

It fascinates me how many different names of hounds we have at our walks, very rarely two the same.  We met a lovely coloured Basset x Great Dane called Audrey, there was Lottie, Flash, Betty Boo, Fred, Lola, Reef, Dotty, Harry, Phoebe & Bazil - just a few that I can remember.

Lovely walk with a nice friendly bunch."


The Castle Drogo caff, above: Gay with hungry friends below.


And below from Elize with Fallon



Andrew and Caroline
Andrew and Caroline with two extra hounds(?)



Louise tucking in


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