Gt Bedwyn


No video this time (cameraman up in Scotland)
and please send photos.

Gt Bedwyn start

Walk leader Dianne (her photo above) says that it was a beautiful June morning that saw 27 bassets and three others gather at the wharf in Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire. A gentle stroll came to an abrupt end when we exited the woodland at Wilton – a short but APPALLING stretch of deep, sucking, slippy mud.

There was much shouting, quite a lot of laughter, lots of ruined shoes and unrecognisable dogs. One person fell in. It is testament to the good natured company of basset hound walkers that most described the experience as ‘a bit of excitement’ and no one suggested lynching the walk leader (well, not to my face).

A lengthy stop in the beer garden at The Swan, Wilton for lunches and good ale was followed by a walk across Wilton Brail. By now it was getting very hot and when we found yet more mud Stan The Staffie went for an all over wallow to cool down. (where were you Dave with the video when we needed you!!).

Nearing Bedwyn we stopped in amazement at the sight of twelve red kites circling over a field that was being cropped. Another field, a bit more mud (for good measure) and a hot and weary band of hounds and humans made it back to the wharf for 3.15.  A big thank you to everyone who came (from as far away as Liverpool, no less) – what a wonderful lot you are!

Dianne Billing


NB I was also told that on Sunday Dianne said something like turning left and up the hill…when someone asked

‘is that a Dianne hill or a Dave hill? - cause if it’s a Dave hill I’m calling a taxi….’

Damn cheek. Just let me know who said that please . . .






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