Hackpen Hill


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The first day of Spring turned out to be almost as chilly as our last walk on Burnham beach, but this time we were 500ft higher on the Wessex Ridgeway. Unfortunately instead of 36 only a dozen hounds made it - but we did have the delight of seeing a 15 week old Kortebin puppy from Hull socialising at the start.

Our Leader Guy was right in telling us that once we got off the ridge we would be if not basking, then at least warmer in the more protected valley. The open fields did encourage some barking and chases, notably of a Beagle that came along to chastise The Pack.

Guy led us through a very large and posh shooting estate where he is sometimes employed to knock down the birds that "the guns" miss. (I knew all that expensive Hereford training would come in useful one day). Lunch was taken in the comparative shelter of a lone hedge - well by those who'd remembered to pack some - then we plodded up a gentle hill back to the Ridgeway and our motors home - and for some of us the welcome sight of Somerset hedges - lots of them.


Hackpen Hill Hackpen Hill walk
Hackpen Puppy
  Just 15 weeks old.
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