Walk May 7th

Watch the video here (8½ minutes)

Hackpen walk start

Photo by Guy (and next five)

A bright and breezy day wafted some 27 Bassets + a wee dachshund who crept in from somewhere along the heights of Hackpen Hill down and around the sweeping Marlborough Downs. Ably led by Guy & Sarah we were pleased to welcome some new faces and Epic a "rescue" pack hound bravely re-housed by Mike & Jackie. He lived up to his name by sprinting off after any illusory scent
to the delight of the rest of us, but perhaps less so for its owner who claimed he had walked twice as far as the rest of us. A couple of chases also enlivened the proceedings started by Betsy, not Maude or Will for a change.

A police helicopter gave us a close look - not sure what was reported back - but no men in blue appeared, though some courteous trail bike riders had something to test their skills as they wended their way through The Pack along the Ridgeway back to our motors.Chase

The chase


After the rain


Robert (King of the butterflies) with Blackberry
(photo Mike, and next two)


Everything under control here
(Barnaby and Jackie)


Slow Toads, or slow, toads?


Always time to chat
(Fiona and Beth)




"Come on, what are we waiting for?"



Note Mike at the front, with new acquisition Epic on a lead.


Epic looking the other way


Lunch in the sun

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