Bassetv Hound Walkers Ham Hill


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(photos below from Guy)

Ham Hill start

At 10.20 there were only six Bassets, then the rest arrived in a rush having negotiated
the snow covering much of N Somerset and Wilts

Despite the appalling weather forecast and snow covering much of N Somerset and West Wilts, we enjoyed blue skies and almost balmy weather. Twenty Bassets romped around with more chases than we've had for many a day. The role of "hare" Little Will was ably filled by a basset/beagle cross called Rolo - but for some reason The Pack decided he was fair game at many opportunities when we came to an open field.

The views from the monument on top of Ham Hill were immense with the snow topped Mendips in the distance.

We did a slight variation from previous years leading fairly gently up to St Michael's Hill and its tower but with the slight drawback of a steep muddy and slippery slither down a slope to the edge of Montacute.

A short lunch was partaken on the sodden ground before we wound our way back via a mistaken chase of some goats by our "hare" to Ham Hill and the welcome drinks at The Prince of Wales.


Humphrey and Maude getting to know one another


Note the hot sunshine.

Follow my leader

Follow my leader.


Above Montacute.

Another chase

Another chase gets under way


Rubbing noses (photo Lee of Rolo, his beagle/basset cross, above,
below and on right)










First chase gets under way


Snow tops

You can just see the snow-topped Mendipsin the background.


Admiring the view


Nick intent on examning his iPhone/Pad/Camera . . .

Chase around

Neck and neck: chase round St Michael's Tower

Gay searching

Gay - hunting for Basil

St Michael's Tower



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