Baset Wlkers Ham Hill


See the video here (YouTube)

A glorious day attracted 21 hounds from Melksham, Bracknell, Newport, Chudleigh - as well as closer near by. It was our sixth anniversary walk building on the seven hounds who first walked around Ham Hill. Only my Matilda survives to relive the walk, although a 17 year old hound did get round halfway: amazing.

I don't know why but it proved hard to encourage people to walk and talk so to avoid getting back in the dark we trimmed one leg off to get back to the Prince of Wales in respectable time.

Neil as ever made his mark by gathering a giant puff-ball to consume later - while new hound Nelson at 18 months did his best to get round the pack, while showing a preference for Ronnie above all.


This photo and below from Guy


The war memorial at Ham Hill


Jessica to the right


At the trough


My Matilda at the pub


Gay feeding the pack


Wayne looking happy


Tim's 15 year old Charlie (not 17 as your cameraman
said in the video): and he walked about 3 miles

St Michael's Tower

Tim's photo from the top of St Michael's Tower

And below is one he unearthed from 2010 of my
Matilda licking Miss Moppet, now alas dec'd.
(Tears all round)

Moppet & Matilda






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