BassetHound Walkers Ham Hill


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Our 70th walk took place on what was probably the Last Day of Summer. Some 16 Bassets plus a miscellaneous bunch of GSPs, springers and labs from as far as Newport, Newton Abbot, Hants and N Wilts made my Matilda's 10th birthday - and Melody's very first walk with The Pack a memorable one. Another newcomer was Rufus a young dog, one from a litter of 17 - 16 survived - who must have thought he'd arrived in heaven early as he was the only male amongst the pack.

It was kind of the ever welcoming Gay to bring along Wilma a 5 year old bitch looking for a new home - and we hope that the outing convinced some she was worth the effort of taking her on.

Betsy from S Wales revealed a preference for Somerset cow-pats over the native variety, as she went back adorned with a sample, or two. And to my great relief Melody did not disappear or follow another family but kept with the pack all day. It was notable that while with me on walks at home she always kept close to Matilda, but out with the pack she deserted her and ran around normally at the head sniffing out what was to come.

So we finished the five mile stroll all in good heart to sink a wee drink at the ever friendly Prince of Wales.

So my thanks to everyone for making the 70th Basset Hound Walkers' walk a good one - and to look forward to many more.





Ham Hill

The WW1 monument on top of Ham Hill

Ham Hill

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