Basset Hound Walk at Kilmington


See what you missed by watching the box: click here to see the video

While the rest of GB was brushing the Corgis or nursing a hangover, a dozen of us bravely followed our leaders Heather and Malcolm over some delightful country east of Stourhead. We had the odd shower but by and large it was a grand five miles in enjoyable company. No humping – amongst the hounds I should hasten to add - and a well behaved if reduced pack, made for another most enjoyable walk.

With the Olympics nearly upon us the competitive spirit we learned had arrived early amongst some of our pack. For example going to answer a ring at the door, hardly takes a minute, but in that time Heather lost a whole Victoria sponge cake to one of her hounds, while someone else lost her Sunday roast in not much longer time. And did you know that Bassets can pick out coffee Thornton chocolates and leave them behind while gobbling the rest? Now surely that talent is worth a medal somewhere?

All the photos below from Guy.


Vera setting the pace

Malcolm lost?

Malcolm trying to remember if we've been here before?


Alice stocking up


Lunch stop







"Yes there's a hole in my knee" (see video)


I wish sometimes Guy would resist the urge to photo your cameraman on the very rare occasions when one of his hounds decides to wander

No bulls

The no-bull fields

Guy's three

Guy's lovely three hounds

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