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Fortunately the weather turned out to be much better than forecast, with only a slight drizzle when we neared the ridge, a mere stroll up a gentle incline from, as was helpfully pointed out, from sea-level to a smidgeon under 1000ft.

A dozen hounds from deepest Chudleigh to near Strensham (staying overnight) and Salisbury way did enjoy some lovely chases over open moorland. Sadly the fossils on Kilve beach proved as elusive as ever - I must secrete one next time to casually drop in to quell the doubters. Well after 80,000,000 years the beach must have seen quite a few school parties that have stripped all the visible ammonites.

Mark didn't disappoint with his salted caramel fudge once again. (Should we enter him in Master Chef, fudge class?)

But most important of all the cream tea at the finish met all expectations and swept away any faint pains in the lower limbs to live and walk again.

At start

Setting off. (this photo and below from Guy)

Kilve beach

Kilve beach







Gay keeping a watchful eye

The Lewis famille

The Lewis famille

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