Basset Hound Walkers at Kilve


Watch a ten minute video without getting your boots wet here

E ast Quantoxhead

This was our Fifth Anniversary and what a walk, what a wet 'un - but only underfoot - glorious weather - fabulous views - and 22 Bassets. And a new grandchild for two of our group en route (well nearly).

After such a wet summer I suppose it shouldn't have come as such a surprise that our six miler turned into such a hilarious romp as we waded and waddled around this gorgeous corner of Somerset. Starting from sea level at Kilve beach, we breasted calf length water, bestraddled a gate to cross a mild torrent, and then tackle the entrancing Quantock Hills to climb to just below the ridge at 970ft. Lunch was taken here - those who had brought some - others connived and wheedled precious morsels from the rest of us better prepared - didn't they Neil and Sue? From here it was downhill to recross the main A39 and gorge ourselves on a Somerset cream tea, to be told off by the cafe owners to ring beforehand - and put back those calories - and (again) be talked out of a second scone . . .

Still all must be forgiven when we all enjoyed one of our best and most memorable walks. And perhaps to ponder on what the rest of the Basset Hound Club are missing when their idea of a good day out is to preen and pose round a show ring. Who's got the best end of the stick?

(All photos here by Guy)


Oliver in serious mood


Start of walk, before we hit The Floods


Guy's Maude on a fossil hunt


Malcolm and Mary with a varied collection of hounds.


"Made it", says Mel.

The chase

The chase.


Guy's Jessica, on top of the Quantocks.


Wash that mud right out my hair.






Start of walk

Mel, Brian and Tracy with their giant Oliver

E Quantoxhead beach

E Quantoxhead beach (Suzette, Mel and Mike with Guy's Jessica right)


Mike, Sam, Tracy (with the new red hair), Mark, Mel, Brian and a vagrant cameraman.

Brian & Mel

Brian takes the manly route: Mel opts for mud: Oliver just sniffs.


My Matilda slinks along the edge.


And all without a safety net (Sue and Tracy).

The Quantocks


End of walk wash

End of walk wash



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