Basset Hound Walkers at Kilve


See a nine minute video here (YouTube)

After the torrential rain of last month it was a pleasant surprise to see anyone turn up for this walk, though the forecast was good, which proved to be accurate. Just as I was leaving home the phone rang from a photographer from the Western Morning News who wanted to attend. Bravely adopting a prone position the 14 hounds were encouraged to walk towards him, and he escaped with no more than a lick or two. Our geographical reach extended to distant Leeds and a lovely family + 3 month old Charlie made her presence felt (see the video).

Also making an appearance was 4 month old Ruby from just down the road - no doubt we'll see more of her later, when bigger.

The group enjoyed fossil hunting on East Quantoxhead beach and three were unearthed, and pocketed.

A moderately steep but short stretch led uphill to the shoulder then gently led us up to just below the main Quantock ridge at 935ft. Lunch was taken in a stiff breeze while admiring extensive views up the Bristol Channel and over to Wales. From here it was a simple downhill stroll - pausing only to retrieve my Moppet and Matilda who fancied a bit of sheep-meat for supper - to clock up six delightful miles and a well earned cream tea.


East Quantoxhead beach: fossils were found (photo Guy)


Blooming heather (photo Guy and below)


Last mile

"Only ten minutes more" photo Jo Maunder and below

Nearly there

Matilda and Moppet

My Moppet & Matilda (photo Christine Paradine above and below)

Wait for us





Quantocks hill

The steep bit (photo Guy)Begging Bassets

Guy & Sarah's three - begging for miniature pork pies (what did you have for lunch)

Guy and Leeds

The Walsh's all the way from Leeds join us for first time (note baby on back. Photo Jo Maunder)

Setting off

Setting off (photo Jo Maunder)


Strata (photo Jo)


Rest awhile above and E Quantoxhead beach below (photos Gay Tanner)




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