Basset Hound Newton Poppleford


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At the start

Leader Mike telling us where he thinks we're going to walk. Apologies for the unglamorous backdrop,
but even Newton Popplefordians have to have a pee sometimes.

Twenty-five lovely hounds had a five mile romp from this many thatched village through orchards and wooded dells to the Bowd Inn when the sun came out. After enjoying Mark's lovely home-made fudge (again) we gently walked back along a disused railway line, then beside the Otter river where we were treated to the unusual sight of half a dozen Bassets chasing in the water, just like spaniels. But it's always a puzzle to me why some splash in, while others remain coyly on the bank. Finally we walked around a cricket match without disturbing play a jot.

(Photos from Andy Thomas, Plymouth)


Heather examining an old tunnel under a railway

George & Humphrey

Mandy & Andy's George & Humphrey

Three Bassets

Gay's lovely trio: Harry, Bazil and Phoebe.

Otter river chasing

A rare sight of Bassets in the water


And above: Sam's Basil. I think we can safely say "that was a good walk."

At start


Mandy from Plymouth with Humphrey (post op)

Bowd Inn

Bowd Inn lunch stop

Fudge stop

Fudge stop


The old railway line


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