Goodrington Sands walk


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When Gay and Mary suggested walking from their backyard, almost, down at Paignton, I thought we may get a dozen or so, as it's right on the fringe of our "territory". So not to disappoint I sent off a pic to the local paper to haul out any Bassets we'd missed.

If anyone else stops you out walking and says " . . . don't see many of them these days," just tell them about Sunday. I didn't attempt to count, someone said "more than 50", but a more reliable source said 44. Plus an uncountable number of terriers and hunters and weasels . . . and a Great Dane masquerading as a Basset (just watch the video, and you work it out).

Now an apology. When press photographers try and get the perfect photograph when trying to line up 40 + hounds and a terrier comes and sniffs the camera and someone else waves a dog biscuit to get my Matilda to look in the right direction - say NO. Enough's enough. With most of Paignton watching on, we did eventually detach ourselves and spread along the beach and up and down and up and down about 300 steps. ("Well what do you expect on a COAST path?"). Some understandably did not make it all the way round, and if I did not manage to greet everyone, please again accept an apology. At least it didn't rain. And maybe some will be brave and give us another try . . .

(Photos by Guy)




Lunch stop

Lunch stop


Pack Mascot Will leading the chase - winding them up?


Guy & Sarah's Maude, another stirrer.

Path dwon to lunch stop

All the following pics from Shaun & Trudi:

Striding out

Striding out


Nice Griffon


"You're never alone with a Basset . . . "

Right: lunch stop



Chat time

Crowded beach

Crowded beach


Western Morning News
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