Basset Hound Walkers Savernake


See a 10 minute video of the walk here

Despite a wretchedly wet week, the sun came out and some 23 Basset Hounds enjoyed a five or so miles walk around the Earl of Cardigan's Savernake Forest. Denise's Hamilton appeared minus some vital parts which seemed to have slightly reduced the frequency if not the volume of his remarkable voice. Walk leader Dianne led us unerringly around the ancient beeches with a warm intermission by Lord Ailesbury's column where we sampled some delicious marbled cake and brownies. It was surprisingly dry underfoot with only the odd swamp to attract only a few intrepid hounds.

A most enjoyable day out. (All photos below by Guy)



Guy's Jessica (above) Maude (right) and all three (+ Alice) below

Guy's three

Muddy Basset

Glad it's not one of mine









Hamilton wants a drink


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