No video (puppy-sitting) but many more pics on our Facebook page

Guy ran this rescheduled walk due to overwhelming rain and mud but he says that:

"Despite a ‘waterlogged pitch’ and forecasted bad weather 26 intrepid Hounds and their owners met for a muddy squelch around Lydiard Park in Swindon.

There was, as expected, a considerable amount of ‘Splishing and Sploshing’ as various groups of Hounds played and chased on the wet fields, accompanied by the continuous barking of Maude.

Romance (to use a polite phrase) blossomed between Oscar and Jess, much to the consternation of their respective owners.

Several unpleasant rain (and hail at one point) squalls were ignored by the pack and we plodded on through sodden grass and swampy paths.

Several Hounds reluctantly left us (owners!!) upon our return to Lydiard Mansion at lunchtime, the remaining crew doing a second lap (ye gods!) of the Park including a detour to one overflowing stream for belly washes.

A good day was had by all we hope, despite the weather, and yes, we will look at organising a couple of extra walks for you good Gloucester folks.











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