Wansdyke walk


This is the walk that was postponed from two weeks before due to appalling forecast. Guy was the leader. No video as the new date clashed with the descent of my family. Small numbers did not dissuade the 'mini pack' from chasing and generally behaving like a bunch of Loons - it may come as a surprise that Maude was heavily involved! The turnip field we walked across had been ploughed, and by the looks we were first across - some muddy undercarriages! Beyond that nothing of any great report, just a nice walk - it was blazing sunshine in the Combes, so we stopped for lunch before the ascent.


Wansdyke walk

A little chilly at the start?



"Eh, and what about us?"


Along the Wansdyke







View of Downs

View of Marlborough Downs



Red blanket

Now this one I could take home: gorgeous Red Blanket hound

The climb


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