Basset Hound Walkers at Wellington
To see the video (7 mins) click here

A mild dry day but disappointing 10 hounds - well Guy would have been with us but a minor hiccup - tyre blowing out on the M4 at 69 mph caused his non-appearance. We were pleased to welcome Sue and Phil all the way from Bedford - well they did stay overnight at the Holiday Inn - very welcoming so they said.

We wandered up to the Monument, read that it was rebuilt a few times, still not open to the public and strolled down through beech woods to a short stretch of road walk, then past some stables to reach The Gallops. A few semi-wild ponies but the hounds enjoyed a chase, especially Flash and Melody. From here it was downhill in sun, through some orchards - must remember to do this walk in the Autumn, then up a very modest slope to the ridge opposite past many daffodils and primroses. There we lunched by a deserted and locked summer house - an odd place for such a structure. The last mile involved negotiating some more inquisitive ponies till we reached the road and a few hundred yards back to our motors in time to listen to the West Indies just about beat poor old England - again.



Linda and Andrew (Chudleigh)


Thoughtful Gay


Phil all the way from Bedford