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Woodbury start

At the start. (This photo and top eight by Guy)

Probably the hottest day of the year saw 24 hounds from Wales, Saltash, Gloucester, the Cotswolds - to say nothing of more local members enjoy another lovely walk around Woodbury Common, a marine training area. (Witness the cartridges found by one eagle eyed youngster). Despite the presence of Will and Maude, no chases took place- perhaps it was the heat.

Though in Somerset we'd had no rain for weeks, this part of Devon had many muddy puddles still trapped in ruts and hollows, that some of our hounds gladly took advantage of.

In attendance was one of the rescue bitches (Welsh puppy farm) listed on the website bravely taken over that looked the worse for wear, but was fortunately responding to some overdue love and affection.

Lunch was taken by a lovely stream and the five miles seemed to flow by, only interrupted by the sighting of an adder and two newts.

Our thanks to Mike & Jackie for leading the walk and shepherding the dawdlers at the rear - funny they tended to be their own hounds . . .


Gadaffi"Are you pro-Gadaffi? (Leader Mike)
Asleep"Are you alright dear?"


Water BassetAqua Basset

Maude and JessicaMaude and Jessica (photo by Mary)
MaudeMaude gets attention (photo by Mike)

Who's got the map?

"Where's the map?"

Woodbury common

Woodbury Common


"Jump, you're not mine" says Mike.


Sarah + your cameraman (in best gardeniing shoes)

Lunch stop

Lunch stop


From L - R: Walter, Barnaby & Daisy (or possibly the other way round, but certainly Barnaby in the middle). Mike & Jackie's lot.



(Photo by Mary)

Group at start

(Photo by Mike)






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