Cerne Abbas photos

To see a 10 minute video of this hilarious walk click here (YouTube)

Cerne Abbas start

Photo above and below by Mary

Cerne chase

Due to a dire weather forecast the date was changed from Sunday to Monday and breathing a huge sigh of relief it was warming to still see 24 lovely Hounds attend. We had a gloriously hilarious walk as you can see from the video. All the rebels acted up so we had several chases and a mass howl when The Pack was calmly seated near the end beside the Giant to welcome some innocent walkers.

It was a really memorable day out: one of those days you don't want to end. The weather was fine, the bluebells, gorse and cowslips were out, the hills were shrugged off, the pack was rampant.

Maude howling

Guy's Maude leading The Pack Howl

Follow my leader

"Follow my leader" (photo by Guy)

Sitting down

Time for a rest


Sniff: (The four pics here from Steve & Cassie)


"You come here often?"

Sarah & Wys

Sarah's Whizz (or Wys as in WYSIWYG: ask an IT chum),
from the Albany Pack (Wys, not Sarah).

Matilda and Moppet

My Miss Moppet and Matilda (Bonio time)


You can't walk all the time


Sunbathing on the Giant's Hill

The Bristol Five

Five from Bristol

Giants Hill

Sarah and family descending Giant's Hill


All in a row

Basset chase

"What are we chasing?" (photo by Guy)

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