Cotswold walk photos

Watch the eight minute video here. (YouTube)

Setting off

Setting off (photo by Guy)

Twenty-one hounds had a more than unusual walk around some of the Cotswold Water Park lakes led by Guy and finishing on Sarah's lawn + tea. In between Stanley – will we ever forget him – disgraced The Breed by a heavenly roll in liquid cow-pats (see the video, but not, please, while you're having your tea.) Young impressionable hounds and sensitive children should please be excluded from the room.

That's about it really: Stanley so dominated the walk, that while I'm sure something else exciting must have happened, they pale into insignificance.

Ginger girls

Guy calls this "Ginger Girls".


The Hide

The Hide for lunch



Sherlock tired

After the walk (Sherlock)


Sunny September (photo Guy and below))


Stanley getting clean: we were all longing to help,
Annie - really, honest, but . . .

CHris feeding

Chris with some lovely Red & Whites


Sarah's popular tea-time

Mark & Sherlock

Sherlock with Mark



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