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Taken near the end of our walk so not everyone is here: 22 started + a variety of strange shaped other breeds
too complex to list.

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Twenty-two hounds enjoyed a gentle amble around Newton Poppleford in S Devon ably if somewhat eventfully led by Mike & Jackie. First untoward event was "this car park is normally empty on a Sunday" was full, so some of us parked in an adjoining road ("This is a private road, we have to pay maintenance for this pavement": very touchy some Devonians).

Next someone burnt down a shed in close proximity to the church next the car-park, and was arrested. Then the first footpath was closed . . .

And towards the end, we managed to stop a cricket match – something about "movement behind the bowler's arm" or other obscure rule. This is village cricket for goodness sake. They must expect a pack of Bassets to wander into view at some time. How are we going to retain the Ashes if they're not prepared for the unexpected? Well, really.

But Basset Hound owners are nothing if not bred to overcome difficulties, so we bravely followed our leaders across the River Otter, paddled and drank, then through lovely woods to arrive at a welcome pub for early lunch. Some partook generously of the vittles on sale – but we managed to tear them away – to retrace along an old railway line.

It was good to see some old friends, notably Fred, all 40kgs of him, but according to Sue, slimmed down from 45.(see portrait below). And Harry fresh from his op, don't think he was quite so loud this time, though Eleanor did not manage to stay awake all the way round.

And to welcome new faces from Cornwall and Gloucester, via Beer to be honest. But all most welcome nevertheless.

Fred Marsland


No more  walking

No more walking . . .





River Otter

Joint walk leader Jackie to left enjoying a laugh, as ever.

Drink stop

Drink stop

Lunch stop

Lunch stop


Fred & Rosie

What are you thinking about Fred?

Fmous Five

The Famous Five from Bristol



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