Wellington Basset walk photos


Photos of our walk


Despite the threatening weather warnings of high winds and torrential rain 11 Bassets and some extra tag-alongs defied the forecast and enjoyed – yes really – six gentle miles from, to and around the Wellington Monument in Somerset.

Indeed the morning walk surprised us all by blue sky appearing overhead, sufficient for us to get to the Culmstock Beacon, shelter where fires for the Armada kept the infidel away, and enjoy a munch.

Without doubt the most enthusiastic participant was Fred – not a stray member of the nobility but the most enormous hound we'd ever seen – who did his best to get acquainted with any bitch who showed the slightest interest, or not, as the case may be. Owner Sue said he was probably around 90lbs, but lacking a convenient crane, we had to take her word for it. And as Jackie said if we could only harness all that energy it would cut our fuel bills. We'll work on it.

For reasons that totally escape the leader, Dave Patten, the group found itself back at the start after all too brief a walk – not according to plan. And despite requests to beat him unmercifully, members surprisingly agreed to retrace and continue the walk. We all know the monument rather well by now.

Next walk: Cerne Abbas (Dorset way): December 7th: come and join us.

Bassets in Beacon

Bassets in the Beacon, above and below

Bassets in the Beacon

Lord Benson

Fred with his sweetheart, Jessie, a rescue hound.

Basset hounds

Please note the blue sky (it was different coming back)


Sarah and Sue feeding time

Wellington gallops

Along the Gallop (photo Guy).


And Fred

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