Basset Hound Walkers Exmouth


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Basset Hounds at start






Thinking that the walks would be coming to an end after twelve years, I perhaps foolishly threatened/ declared that this would be the last one. But hey ho, you all girded up your loins, shook the sleep from your eyes, brushed your favourite hound - and turned up.

Thirty lovely Bassets romped along Exmouth beach in glorious sunshine to bring bounteous cheer to all who watched.

But especially to Mr & Mrs Ryan Taylor who got married only last Wednesday, and could think of nought better to do than join us to round off their honeymoon. Oh to be young again. . .

Thanks for your feedback from The Group, particularly those who live in Wilts, Dorset, Bristol and Gloucester. These may have felt deprived of this walk in Devon so I shall be leading our next walk from Ashmore, near Shaftesbury which we've not been to for some years and hopefully will lure enough of you to make it all worthwhile.

See you then.

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