Basset Hound Walkers Otterton


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Basset Hound Walkers at Otterton






A glorious day, beautiful walk, great pub at the end - and a nearly impeccable leader - what more could one want?

13 hounds plus an assortment of five others had a great romp beside and sometimes in the river Otter down to the sea with views to the posh bits of Budleigh Salterton.

Two incidents are worth mentioning, one recorded and one fortunately missed. The first was Fiona's Bella who seemed determined to cover herself not in glory but cow pats: made for great video but her comeuppance was to be unceremoniously dropped in a conveniently full cattle trough.

The second was Heidi's Echo who opted for peeing on my fleece rather than the grass which I hope he was trained to do. I suppose the only excuse was that both were green: well mine used to be . . .

Another unexpected but more welcome surprise was to come across an Honesty Café near the end of our walk. Whether Our Leader had planned this was not revealed, but was indulged in nevertheless.

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