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Want to lead a walk?

If you want to organise a walk in your area, please let me know and I'll put it up on this site. Criteria: 5+ miles, with some woods or open moorland for a good run and ideally finish near a pub or café.







Some photos (just a few)
(Please send me yours)


Sculpture of Blackberry

Robert and Rosemary, of butterfly fame, have recently had a sculpture made of their late Basset Blackberry, at 1/5th scale. They're not sure if Bonnie has yet worked out what's going on. (If you're thinking of commissioning something similar just drop me a line and I'll pass on the request.)

Blackberry sculpture

Sweeps in bar

What a great pic.
Colin's Sweeps about to order in the Dolphin Hotel at Beer. Just love the anxious look on the barman's face. "Have you heard the one about the Basset who sat in the bar . . . "
And below four more of many Colin has with Elmo his sidekick. All hilarious: well done Colin.

Bird hide

Sept 5th. Possibly our last walk, in a bird hide at Steart Marshes, Combwich.
All superb hounds, from left - right: Rufus, Harmony and Melody and Wilbert.
(Pic from Mel)






Basil in bed

Gay's Basil.

Gay says he has the choice of four larger ones, but he seems to prefer this.

Basset bike carrier


The Bedford Basset Bike Carrier

Sebastian (Bedford) knows which side his bread is buttered - or how to avoid too much unnecessary exertion. I'd be more enthusiastic if Mike was showing a little less disdain for his nearest and dearest (not you Vanessa). He might at least have found a helmet for his spoilt passenger.

Funnily enough see below for another Basset cum Cyclist family. Perhaps we should start a sub-group: the Basset Hound Cycling Club. Now that would catch the papers.


Melody: well it's been a hot summer.

Melody and Matilda

Posted 12 Jan 2019: Melody after her spleen removal op and 14 year old Matilda.

A (runner) bean eating Basset? Of course. See here (YouTube: Dawn Rawling's Henry).
We used to have a hound that would pluck blackberries off the bush - and only black ones, not red. She also ate mushrooms in the field. It was a race sometimes to beat her to it. Runner beans


Martin & Jolene's Betsy "nothing's going to disturb her."


Here's Vera - yes she also has a Basset, Margot - trying to get Rodney to walk the ramp.
"Bassets may be happy to walk up a ramp into the back of our Land Rover but not him. Under no circumstances was he lowering himself by walking up himself."


Is there anything sadder than a sick Basset? (This is Guy's Alice after removal of a growth. How long before that bandage is off?)

Mandy's birthday card

From Mandy Thomas (Callington)

Three in a bed

Three in a bed: Guy's Maude, Alice and Jessica

Harry Tanner

Harry (Tanner) showing off. (Where's Aintree?)

Bristol Five

One of the "Bristol Five"

Sam Morgan's two hounds

Ah . . . . (from Sam Morgan)


Guy & Sarah's Alice "Worm's eye view" (Shouldn't that
be Bonio eye's view?)


"Look what I've caught": Rebecca Stanton's Morse, so proud. Who needs a rod?


Mark's Bazz on her 12th birthday.

Mabel driver

Elsewhere on this website you'll see Mark's Mabel in the pilot's seat of his plane, possibly showing Georgie his best friend how easy it is. Here we see her driving a Transit – don't want to interfere but I think she should have both paws on the wheel – and below is her obvious next step up to Fast Jets.

Mabel pilot

Jemima basset begging

"Hurry up: I can't stay like this for ever" This is
Jemima one of our very special hounds.

Basset Jemima on Clisham

And Jemima again: possibly the only Basset to ever scale Clisham on Harris (nearly 3000ft)

Ben Nevis basset

Bassets can walk. Here's Samantha Yarwood's Shirley nearly at the top of Ben Nevis, rather higher than mine above.


Symmetry: Matilda and Miss Moppet, both Brackenacres
from Jim & Marianne Nixon

2 bassets in garden borders

We used to have a lovely garden . . . .

Griffon Bassets

Yes, Dearie, they are Bassets (Griffon)

Millie Dodd's puppies

Those who walked with us on Dartmoor – or who have
seen the video – may remember that Millie here was
expecting pups. Regrettably only two, so the new kitchen
has shrunk to a downstars loo. Anyway, as you can see
Mother and babies are doing well.

Basset dressed as pig

Love, cruelty  or what? If only they could talk.

Toy Basset

Our new arrival: Miss Moppet and Matilda

Bristol 5

Ditto: why do we do it? Any complaints from animal welfare please direct to Alison

Freda the Fearless cyclist

Freda trailer



Now what have we here? The ultimate lazy hound? Owners too tired to "give their dog a run?" We are assured - by Phillipa and Gareth - that Freda (that's the hound) loves being towed around behind their bikes. Can't get saddle sore anyway.


Guy & Sarah's lovely three. The no. plate is supposed to spell "SHORTEY": (I couldn't work it out either).

Freddie Margaritis

Ann & Emile Margaritis' Freddie who died Feb 2011

Walter & Daisy

Walter - nearly asleep -and Daisy, Jacquie and Mike's pair after a hard day on the river.

Xmas snow

A reminder of the Christmas snow 2010: my
Miss Moppet and Matilda loved it.

Matilda over stile

My Matilda negotiating a stile on the Mendips.

Bob + pineapple

Yes, it's a pineapple. Hunted down, trapped, killed –
and regrettably eaten, by Bob, owned by the Foot Family from Salisbury. Thank goodness no photo exists of
the mess next day. Well it's easier than rabbits.

Harry the tea

Here's another pic (below) of 40kgs Fred (Marsland)
shown on Home Page. (Mine chase these things,
never mind)

Fred + kitten


Jet lagged

Mike & Jackie (from Exmouth) have just returned from Oz. They call this "Jet lagged". (And not a dry eye in the house)

Mike & Jackie

Here's another pic of their two lovely hounds:
" Just good friends"

Two bassets in same bed

We have got two beds, honest. (Matilda and Moppet)

Margot in glasses

"Sherlock" aka known as Margot (Vera's lovely hound)

Iris Ware Liverpool

From Iris Ware at Liverpool: a correspondent, and
probably not a walker we'll see much of . .

Harry the Humper

I give up. Don't ask me. I've got no idea why Harry (the Humper) is dressed up like a turtle. Some Basset fancy dress party I suppose. Ask James. And the one below, though perhaps this is after The Party. Exhausting things these fancy dress dos.

Livy at Studland

"Livy at Studland beach" : photo from Samantha Yarwood.
(Are there no limits?

Chasing deer

And if you want more than a mere photo, why not get your favourite hound's portrait painted?

I can thoroughy recommend Andrew Lewis (address from me)