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Want to lead a walk?

If you want to organise a walk in your area, please let me know and I'll put it up on this site. Criteria: 5+ miles, with some woods or open moorland for a good run and ideally finish near a pub or café.






  Past walks: photos and videos for past fourteen years  

If you want cheering up while the rain batters on the windows (or kennel), here is a list of all our previous walks, photos and videos. You don't even have to get your boots on.

Most recent first:


April 7th: Alfred's Tower, 11 hounds see here:

Feb 4th: Burnham, 23 hounds see here:


Dec 11th: Ham Hill (Very wet, shortened walk, no video)

May 7th: Otterton (5 hounds, no video). 144th walk.

April 2nd: Alfreds Tower (10 hounds) see here:

Feb 7th: Burnham (38 hounds) see here:


July 3rd: Otterton (7 hounds)

May 1st: Thurlbear (just 5 hounds, no video)

April 3rd: Alfred's Tower (7 hounds) see here:

February 22nd: Burnham (36 hounds) see here:


November 7th: Ashmore, nr Shaftesbury (just 5) see here:

October 12th: Exmouth (30 hounds) see here

September 5th: Combwich (only 4 hounds)

August 1st, S Cadbury (rain so no video) 7 hounds

May 30th, Thurlbear (in the mud) (10 hounds) see here

May 2nd, Otterton (8 hounds) see here


December 6th, Ham Hill (7 hounds + Bloodhound) see here

November 1st, Exmouth beach (14 hounds + many others) see here

September 6th, Fingle Bridge, Dartmoor (9 hounds + many others) see here

August 9th, Alfred's Tower (8 hounds + The Bloodhound) see here

March 1st, Burnham (30 hounds) see here:


December 7th, at Ham Hill (8 hounds) see here:

November 10th, Exmouth beach (18 hounds) see here:

October 19th, Cerne Abbas (5 hounds) see here:

September 8th, Otterton (13 hounds) see here:

August 4th, Cadbury Castle (Camelot), 6 hounds see here:

July 7th Kilve on the Quantocks (only 4 hounds so no video)

June 2nd Tipton St John, nr Ottery St Mary (12 bassets + 8 others) video here.

May 12th Fingle Bridge, (no video, nothing exciting happened)

April 7th: Alfred's Tower (+ Bloodhound) see here

March 3rd: Thurlbear (12 hounds) see here

February 3rd: Burnham (45 hounds) see here


December 2nd 2018: Ham Hill, (11 hounds, chases and fun) see here

November 4th, Tottiford, Bovey Tracey (8 + Great Danes) see here

October 7th: Exmouth beach (18 hounds) see here

August 7th: Alfred's Tower, Stourhead: great heat (7 hounds) see here.

July 1st: Fingle Bridge, Dartmoor, in the rain (10 hounds) see here.

June 10th: S Cadbury Castle (Camelot) (11 hounds) see here.

May 6th: Ashmore, Shaftesbury (14 hounds) see here.

April 7th: Otterton, S Devon (15 hounds) see here.

March 4th: Thurlbear, in the snow (12 hounds) see here:

February 4th: Burnham on Sea (68 hounds see here)


November 5th: Wansdyke, N Wilts (15 hounds see here)

October 14th: Exmouth beach (23 hounds see here)

September 3rd: Ham Hill, Somt 100th walk (23 hounds see here)

August 6th: Cerne Abbas, Dorset (10 hounds) see here.

July 1st: Tipton St John, Devon (10 paddling Bassets) see here.

June 4th: Camelot (S Cadbury), 97th walk (12 hounds) see here.

May 7th: Fingle Bridge, Dartmoor, 96th walk (13 hounds) see here.

April 2nd, Alfred's Tower, Stourhead (22 hounds, many chases) see here.

March 5th, Thurlbear nr Taunton (11 hounds) see here.

January 22nd, Burnham on Sea (65 hounds)here.


December 4th, Cherhill, Marlborough Downs (16 hounds) here.

November 6th, Mendip Hills, (9 hounds) here.

October 2nd, Exmouth (37 hounds) here.

September 4th Ham Hill, Stoke sub Hamdon (11 hounds) here.

August 7th: Kilve, The Quantocks (7 hounds) here.

July 3rd: Tipton St John, East Devon (10 hounds) see here.

June 5th: S Cadbury, Somerset (10 hounds) see here.

May 1st: Fingle Bridge (23 hounds) see here (no video).

April 3rd: Wellington Monument (10 hounds) see here>

March 13th: Chudleigh Knighton (25 hounds, many chases) see here.

Feb 14th: Burnham on Sea (record 47 hounds) see here.


December 6th: Tipton St John, E Devon (11 hounds) see here.

Nov 1st: Burrington Combe, Mendip, only 7 hounds (see here)

Oct 11th: Ham Hill, Somerset, 15 hounds, see here.

Sept 6th: Trenchford Reservoirs (nr Bovey Tracey) 16 hounds, see here.

August 2nd: Ashmore, nr Shaftesbury, Dorset, (15 hounds) see here.

July 12th: Kilve, The Quantocks, Somerset (12 hounds) see here.

June 12th: Alfred's Tower, Stourhead, Somerset (9 hounds) see here.

May 3rd: our 75th walk: Fingle Bridge (19 hounds) see here.

April 5th: Camelot (15 hounds) see here.

March 1st: Hackpen Hill (12 hounds) see here.

Feb 1st: Burnham-on-Sea (36 hounds) see here.


November 2nd: Lustleigh, Devon (21 hounds no video), see here.

October 5th: Ham Hill, Somerset (16 hounds) see here

September 7th: White Horse, N Wilts (10 hounds) see here

August 3rd: Otterton (21 hounds) see here.

July 6th: Cerne Abbas (8 hounds) video here.

June 1st: Gt Bedwyn (27 hounds, no video) see here.

May 4th: Fingle Bridge, Mid-Devon, (17½ hounds) see here.

April 13th: Camelot, (24 hounds) see here.

March 2nd: Stourhead, St Alfred's Tower (17 hounds, several chases) see here

February 9th: Swindon (26 hounds, no video) see here

February 2nd: Burnham beach (24 hounds) see here


December 1st: Ashmore, nr Shaftesbury (9 hounds) see here

November 3rd: Savernake, N Wilts (32 hounds) see here

October 6th: Ham Hill, Somerset (21 hounds) see here

September 1st: Bovey Tracey, mid Devon (9 hounds) see here

August 4th: Burrington Combe, Mendips (14 hounds) see here

July 7th: Cerne Abbas (no video) see here.

June 2nd: Gt Bedwyn, N Wilts (23 hounds, no video), see here.

May 2nd: Fingle Bridge, Drewsteignton, Dartmoor (18 Bassets), see here.

April 7th: Cadbury Castle (24 Bassets), see here.

March 10th: Stourhead (16 Bassets) see here

February 3rd: Wansdyke (16 Bassets) see here.


December 2nd: Stover nr Bovey Tracey (12 Bassets) see here.

November 4th: Ham Hill see here. (20 Bassets)

October 14th: Kilve and the muddy Quantocks (22 Bassets) see here

September 12th: Cerne Abbas (9 Bassets), see here

August 5th: Alfred's Tower, Stourhead (14 Bassets) see here.

July 1st: Newton Poppleford, Devon. (25 Bassets) see here.

June 3rd (Jubilee Day): Kilmington, Wilts (12 Bassets) see here

May 6th: Savernake, N Wilts (23 Bassets) see here

April 1st: Camelot, Sparkford (32 Bassets, see here)

March 4th: Harcombe, nr Exeter (see here)

February 19th: Wansdyke, nr Devizes (no video) see here.

December 4th: Ashmore, nr Shaftesbury (see here)

November 13th: Tottiford, S Devon (see here)

October 9th: Cherhill (N Wilts) (see here)

September 11th: Kilve and The Quantocks (see here)

August 7th: Alfred's Tower (Stourhead: very wet). See here

July 3rd: Otterton, S Devon. See here.

June 5th: Cerne Abbas, Dorset. See here.

May 8th: Hackpen Hill, N Wilts. See here.

April 10th: Woodbury, S Devon (see here)

March 6th: Mendips, see here (but no video).

February 6th: Paignton, pics and video here. (two chases).


December 5th: Alfred's Tower, N Wilts, click here.

November 7th: Ham Hill, Somerset, click here.

September 12th: Cotswold Water Park, click here (don't watch while having your tea).

August 8th: Newton Poppleford, click here

July 11th: Barbary Castle, Wilts, click here

June 6th: The Quantocks, click here.

May 3rd: Cerne Abbas, Dorset (particularly exciting video). Click here.

April 11th: Wylye, S Wilts. Click here

March 7th: Alfred's Tower, Wilts. Click here.

February 7th: Harcombe, nr Exeter Racecourse, click here.

January 24th 2010: Cherhill, Wilts, click here.


December 6th: The Quantocks, Somerset. Click here.

October 4th: Lustleigh in Devon. Details here.

September 6th at Cotswold Water Park.

August 9th at Ashmore, nr Shaftesbury.

July 5th at Savernake Forest.

June 7th at Ham Hill, nr Yeovil.

April 5th at Barbary Castle, Wilts.

February 22nd at Woodbury Castle, nr Exmouth.


December 2008 at Cerne Abbas.

October around the Wellington Monument.

August from Horner, Exmoor.

June at Otterton, S Devon.

April at Axbridge on the Mendips.