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Want to lead a walk?

If you want to organise a walk in your area, please let me know and I'll put it up on this site. Criteria: 5+ miles, with some woods or open moorland for a good run and ideally finish near a pub or café.










Walk programme


Basset Hound Walkers at Savernake

Ham Hill basset walk

Our first proper walk was in October 2007 from Ham Hill near Yeovil along the ridge to Montacute (see above). Then back for lunch at the Prince of Wales. A modest five miler. We have repeated this walk several times since as it is such a good one.

Big Basset over stile
The walk programme is set out here. All will be around five - six miles to make it worthwhile journeying from a distance. Just bring some lunch and bonios. And rainwear - just in case it repeats our Stourhead walk.

Provisional dates (all walks start 10.30am, except)


November 5th: Wansdyke ditch, near Devizes (not Stonehenge: NT have closed footpaths to dogs) Details here.

December 10th: Alfred's Tower, Stourhead, Wilts. Details here.

2018 (already?)

February (early): Burnham beach walk


If you want to go on any of the walks please contact me via the website or at 01823 490782. And of course if anyone wants to organise a walk in their area (five miles or thereabouts) please do so and it will be promoted here.


Finally a legal preamble: anyone partaking these walks must look after themselves and their hound. Neither I nor the Basset Hound Club (if you're a member) can accept responsibility for any mishap. OK? We're just a group of friends out for a walk who happen to have an addiction.